Non-Fiction Films

Ronnie Paul Films is aware that the stories in documentary movies are rich with experiences that have the potential to alter people’s perspectives and can bring good to our society. These are real life stories those are captured with the truthfulness and sincerity.

Our process of Documentary film production involves in depth research. Where we make an effort to comprehend every circumstance and experience in your story. We understand that a person’s life narrative is their most priceless treasure, thus we take care to get all the details down on paper before beginning production.

During production we make sure to create a safe space for the person to share their story without any hesitation. We produce high quality imagery and we also do our best to takes notes of our clients during the post production process in order to achieve the right story.


Our economies thrives on the great businesses and creative business ideas. And we’re here to assist in communicating that to people by creating films and videos.

We shoot the interview part with high quality audio and in a place which reflects your business. After filming the interview, we get into shooting the B-rolls, which is laid on top of the audio to help convey the information with more clarity and interest.