Blackmagic cinema camera vs Sony α7 IV

Why is it necessary for a videographer to pick a right camera?

Just like every musician takes its time to pick a right instrument, cameras are no different. Videographer needs to pick their camera according to the requirement of the project. The camera that will work great for the fiction film might won’t be a great choice for shooting wedding Films. And the camera that is best suited for wedding films might not be the perfect fit to shoot commercials.

These are our few cameras that we think are best for videographer.

Blackmagic cinema camera

Blackmagic Cinema camera 6k:

For a budget filmmaker, this is the best camera according to Ronnie Paul Films. We love the color science of Blackmagic sensor because it truly brings out the cinematic quality and it is built for the independent film productions. It also comes with a free Davinci Resolve studio offer which will take the look of the images to next level.

Features that stood out to us:

  1. Now, it comes in full frame 24 x 36.
  2. Ability to shoot Raw and prores. Shooting raw definitely gives a lot of room in the post production to play with.
  3. L Mount. This could be attached to vintage and new cinema lenses.
  4. Ability to shoot 6K.
  5. High dynamic range. This means it means the shadows won’t be crushed and highlights won’t blow out easily.
Sony A7 IV

This is the great camera when it comes to shooting good quality images without too much hassle. It’s the wedding videographers and content creators choice. It is great for still photography as well as videography.

Sony a 7 IV camera

Our favourite features in this camera:

  1. The great auto focus enhanced by artificial intelligence. This feature is helpful in run and gun shoots.
  2. Full frame CMOS sensor.
  3. It renders images at low noise.
  4. It shoots 4k at 60 frames per second and 4:2:2, 10 bit recording which enables the colorist to push the color grading limits even further.
  5. Highly accurate image stabilization.

Both of these cameras are great a tool in the hand of a filmmaker and videographer. We love the quality and the final results of both of these cameras.

Definitely, there are so many other good options to choose from but at Ronnie Paul Films, we prefer these cameras for the shoots.

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