House on the market
Real Estate videography

One of the great businesses of this time is real estate and the best way a real estate videographer can film real estate videos are with wide angle lenses and a stabilizer. These videos help the real estate agents to sell the houses on the market as they helps to showcase the architecture and beauty of the houses.

The main goal of the videographer while shooting real estate videos is to showcase the house at its best in proper lighting. Hence, the best time to shoot these videos is on cloudy days. The golden or blue hour is another option to shoot the house so that the windows are not over exposed. But it’s always the priority to not keep the house in itself under exposed.

The camera angles should be eye level with 18mm to 24mm lenses to make the rooms look bigger and it also helps everything to remain in focus.

Drone shots are very crucial in real estate films. Without drones, these films lack the essence. The real estate agent usually expects a videographer to have a drone which not only helps to showcase the house and its boundaries but also the surroundings which is also very important aspect to market the luxury homes for selling.

These videos are fun to make as the house is a character in itself and has its own story. Ronnie Paul Films take great pride in making these films to help realtors in Montreal.

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