Wedding ceremony
Wedding Films

The emotions are real and so the moment. There is an authenticity is wedding films which cannot be felt by a filmmaker while shooting a staged drama or fiction. This is the one of the most crucial day in the couples life.

As a wedding filmmaker, it’s a responsibility to capture the day in its true essence. And making it as cinematic as possible. In Montreal, wedding films have a different vibe as compared to other places. The architecture and the beauty of the locations bring the great production value to the videography.

The type of gear used during the shoot of wedding films is an important choice for a filmmaker before the shoot. The gear can’t be the same as shooting commercial. Everything needs to be run and gun types. Cameras like Sony A7III series is widely popular in wedding films.

Drones always take wedding films to next level. Capturing the church from the Ariel view always stun the people. Mavic pro series offer a great drones with amazing picture quality.

If you’re one man band, it could be bit challenging to shoot by yourself. Consider having at least two videographers during the ceremony. This is a great tip for anyone who is considering to get into wedding films.

Wedding filming might get stressful at times but the reward is always great. This is the best documentary couple can have as their wedding gift.

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