Wedding videographers in Toronto and Montreal

When it comes to wedding videography in Toronto and Montreal, Ronnie Paul Films bring the cinematic and creative element to the industry of wedding films. We understand that wedding is a very special day in the couple’s life and we treat the day with utmost attention.

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Wedding day is full of joy and laughter, so we show up on the wedding day not just with simply camera but with great passion and energy  to fully immerse ourselves in the couple’s special day. Our ultimate objective is to create wedding films that stand the test of time, as we firmly believe that a wedding day is the most unforgettable moment in a couple’s life.

Why you need a wedding videographer?

Wedding day is packed with tons of emotions and moments, and a great wedding videographer makes sure to get them all.With both the bride’s and groom’s households bustling with people, there are often moments that the couple themselves may miss. At Ronnie Paul Films, we ensure that these missed moments are made available to the couple, allowing them to experience and cherish every aspect of their special day.

Furthermore, wedding videography serves as a valuable tool for including loved ones who were unable to attend the wedding. It enables those who couldn’t be there in person to still be a part of the momentous occasion. 

Investing in a professional wedding videographer is a wise decision for couples, as it provides lasting memories that can be revisited for years to come. By watching their wedding film, couples can transport themselves back in time and fondly reminisce about the beautiful moments of their wedding day.

What makes us best wedding videographers in Toronto and Montreal?

Finding a wedding videographer in Toronto and Montreal is relatively easy, but discovering someone who will invest their whole heart and soul into capturing your wedding day can be a challenge. At Ronnie Paul Films, every single wedding videographer in both cities possesses the necessary skills and talent to create an exceptional and distinctive wedding film that stands apart from the rest.

While framing the compositions we have mastered all the rules of a great videographer. An eye for a great lighting plays a key role in bringing out the cinematic look of the wedding film. Additionally, we also incorporate the element of color grading during the post-production process to enhance the visual aesthetics of the final product.

In addition to technical expertise, we value the importance of collaboration. We actively strive to bring the couple’s unique vision of their wedding day to life on the screen, ensuring that their personal preferences and desired style are incorporated into the final film. Our passion for collaboration allows us to create a wedding film that truly reflects the couple’s vision and captures the essence of their special day.

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A Wedding story that is hand crafted just for you.

When it comes to wedding videography, Ronnie Paul Films goes beyond capturing beautiful imagery; we possess a keen eye for storytelling. Our Wedding videographers recognize that each wedding day is a narrative in itself, filled with special moments and emotions. Therefore, we do not simply compile footage in a chronological order and consider it complete. Instead, we strive to tell the couple’s story in a distinctive manner that reflects their unique personality and charm.

Our Toronto and Montreal wedding videographers understands the extensive preparation and planning that goes into a wedding day. To honor the creativity involved in this process, our videographers actively engage with the bride and groom. We discuss the couple’s creative ideas and plans for the day, ensuring that we fully comprehend the story and can bring out the couple’s individuality and distinctiveness in the wedding film.

By collaborating closely with the couple, Ronnie Paul Films guarantees that our wedding film not only captures the essence of the day but also reflects the couple’s vision and showcases the uniqueness that makes them who they are.

Why choose Ronnie Paul Films for your wedding?

Our goal is to ensure that your wedding film rivals any blockbuster movie in terms of quality. When you explore our fiction film section, you’ll discover that our background lies in the world of movies. We take great pleasure in incorporating our knowledge and expertise from fiction film production into the realm of wedding videography.

We are filmmakers, who wants to contribute in the wedding videography world and make impact into the lives of people.

Our wedding videographer approach each wedding with a documentary-style approach, capturing not only the key moments but also the intimate details, such as interviews and the preparations of both the bride and groom, all the way through to the late-night dancing. 

If you’re in search of the finest wedding videographers in Toronto and Montreal, we invite you to click on the link below. We are dedicated to providing exceptional services and creating a wedding film that will truly exceed your expectations.

Wedding teasers: Wedding teasers offer a fantastic opportunity to share short wedding videos with your loved ones on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. These concise and captivating videos allow you to provide a glimpse into your special day and engage your friends and family in the joyous moments of your wedding.

Wedding Film: Our each wedding videographer excel in capturing exceptional wedding films. We not only focus on capturing stunning visuals but also ensure that the audio is recorded at a highly professional level. This meticulous attention to sound quality enhances the overall viewing experience, allowing people to fully immerse themselves in the wedding film. As a comprehensive wedding videography production house, Ronnie Paul Films is dedicated to delivering outstanding results across all aspects of the wedding videography process.

Wedding Film: The pre-wedding music video or love shoot aims to elevate the experience of wedding videography to new heights. This thoughtfully choreographed music video enhances the sense of wonder and creates a truly awe-inspiring moment. By incorporating this element into the wedding film, it transforms the overall production into a timeless and romantic cinematic masterpiece.

Amazing wedding venues in Toronto and Montreal

Toronto and Montreal are brimming with exceptional wedding venues that contribute to the visual appeal of wedding videography. These stunning locations add a touch of beauty and elegance to the captured moments. Based on the expertise of our wedding videographers, here are some noteworthy spots:


In Toronto, there is an abundance of remarkable venues to choose from. A few notable recommendations include The Great Hall, Berkley Church, Art Gallery of Ontario, Design Exchange, and many more. These venues offer unique settings and ambiance that lend themselves beautifully to creating memorable wedding videography.


Old Montreal and the Montreal Downtown area also boast numerous outstanding venues.

Château Ramezay, Hotel Place d’Armes, Montreal Science Center, and the Rialto Theatre are among our favorite locations in the city. These venues provide captivating backdrops that enhance the visual storytelling of wedding videography.

Whether in Toronto or Montreal, there is no shortage of stunning venues to select from, ensuring that the wedding videography captures the essence and allure of the chosen location.

Packages & Add ons

Basic: The basic wedding videography package includes a 7-8 minute highlight film, along with a 1 minute teaser to share on social media. This will typically be filmed by one wedding videographer and includes the wedding ceremony, speeches and congratulations from your guests. You will also receive a longer documentary film.

Mid range: This wedding videography package usually includes a second wedding videographer to capture additional footage. This begins with the bride and groom getting ready, all the way through to the first dance. This will be edited together into a 8-10 minute highlight film of your special day along with a 1 minute teaser, and you will also receive a longer documentary film as well as love shoot.

Premium packages: This typically includes two or three wedding videographers to capture your big day. This will be edited together into a 13-15 minute highlight film of your big day along with a 1 minute teaser and documentary film. As well as you’ll receive aerial footage of your wedding, love shoot and wedding couple interviews.

The cost of all three packages of wedding videography in Toronto and Montreal are below:

Basic: $3,800 Mid range: $5,000 and Premium: $6,050

Add on’s

  • We provide raw footage that will include all the moments those are shot by our wedding videographer on that day.
  • Client revisions is the another service we provide in which we take notes from the clients implement them to the final wedding film.
  • Additional hours
  • Live streaming services
  • Content for social media reels and stories

Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered the answers to some popular questions below regarding wedding videography.
If you can’t find your question below feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Can our wedding videographer cover multiple locations?

Certainly! At Ronnie Paul Films, our wedding videographers operate in teams to ensure comprehensive coverage of your special day. One videographer will be designated to capture moments at the bride’s house, while another videographer will be assigned to the groom’s location. Throughout the ceremony and reception, these videographers cover the venue, ensuring that every significant moment is captured from multiple perspectives. This collaborative approach allows us to capture a complete and well-rounded representation of your wedding day.

Do we do wedding videography outside Toronto and Montreal?

Though our focus for wedding videography is on Toronto and Montreal, we don’t hesitate to shoot in the other parts of Canada.

How do we save a date with your wedding videographer?

To save a date with our wedding videographers, please email us at or call us at +1 (236) 777 – 9553

Can we avail discount on a wedding film package?

We do offer discounts from season to season. We recommend contacting us directly to inquire about any current discounts or promotions available at Ronnie Paul Films.

Do Ronnie Paul Films provide social media reels for stories and posts?

Yes, as we understand this is the social media age. And sharing stories and reels on instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok is a great way to stay connected with loved ones. 

What is our most famous wedding package?

The choice ultimately relies on your wedding budget, but our mid-range package offers exceptional wedding film quality. If you prefer to go for a more comprehensive option, our premium package ensures a high-end service experience.